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New Galleries Uploaded: Yu-Gi-Oh! 2004 Calendar.

yo gi oh 1Resurrected & Revised Gallery: Cowboy Bebop 01-02 Calendar. DNAngel, and 2 Saiyuki Reloaded 2004 Calendars Removed.
Two galleries go up, three galleries go down. Just go and see what’s there. Sorry for the extra long break between updates, I’ve been horribly busy with school and school related stuff, and other stuff too I guess. Let’s just hope that all will go well and I will start having some regular updates again!

And if you’ve sent me anĀ e-mail and I haven’t replied to you, I might not have received it. My e-mail has been a bit fussy and sometimes I just don’t get everything I should (or send everything out >_<). *sigh*…