Site History

kino-trackRandom opened on the 29th of November in 2001, with the first gallery being a Christmas gallery and a very simple style layout.

Random is a peculiar little gallery that had it’s humble beginnings as part of an afterthought on my simple network of sites. Originally it was created to share my scans with a few of my friends, but then the rest of you found it XP. I never “advertised” Random, and I guess somehow the word spread, links, posts in forums, etc. As Random grew I allotted more and more of my network’s resources to it, as it was the most popular. Since then I broke down and decided to give Random it’s own domain, space and everything… it’s now its own entity that will hopefully grow a little bigger. I will still continue with my nonsensical ways of uploading and removing galleries, because I like it ^_^. There really isn’t much else to it. Now to amuse yourself with my previous layouts, hopefully you’ll find them as funny as I do!

Version 1: It’s quite obvious that layout design was never my strong point, which continues to this very day. Despite that crappiness of it all, it worked and that’s what mattered right? I bet most people have never seen this layout @_@… I’m surprised I was able to find it tucked away on my HD still.

Version 2: Tiny text -_-… I hurt my own eyes with this text, I’m a dope. I really must be a pack rat if I still had this thing on my HD o_O… seriously!

Version 3: Crappy layout, but I love the image so very much. It’s one of my favorite shitajiki/pencil boards you know. This was an extremely rushed job, because I yanked my site off the net for a while due to some bandwidth stealing – I mean direct linking (made me mad).

Version 4: Kino rocks! Unfortunately the layout doesn’t. The mastery of my craptacular layout skills amaze even myself -_-… I did like the brown.
The last layout that was used while Random was still a part of the CI network.