Donation Information

Thank you for your interest in donating to Random. Running this site has been a pleasure for me (for the most part), and I enjoy sharing my images with everyone. Unfortunately running a site and getting sources cost money, and the donations will help pay for those things. Donating will not coax me to update any more than I can, or bring back older galleries any more, or put up more galleries, everything will remain as it has. Now since people who donate are generous enough to give me a little, I have some lovely gifts for people who donate $3.00 or more (view Gift Chart at the bottom), these gifts are just to show my appreciation for your generosity. Now if there are any questions of confusion on anything please read the rest of this page and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

How To Donate

Click on the “Paypal Donate” button or this link.

Click the “Send Money Now” button

Enter “Random Donation” in the Payment For section, and enter the desired amount you wish to donate.

If you donate enough and want to receive a gift then make sure you include your shipping information (just make sure it’s checked). If you don’t wish to receive any gift just mark “No shipping address required”.

Under Optional Instructions list the gift type (Trading Cards, Postcards or Poster) your top 2 or 3 choices for the series (if applicable) or you can let me choose for you! If you like you can leave the Optional Instructions blank and we will send you gift(s) of our choice.

Before you hit the “Pay” button please double check if everything is correct!

Rules on Receiving your Gift

There are a few rules to follow in order to receive your gift from us, please just follow these and everything will go smoothly for all of us!

Look over the “How to Donate” section above, and make sure to follow it so you don’t make any mistakes.

You need to donate at least $3.00 to receive any gift ($4.00 for international donators).

Please do not make specific requests when you fill out what you want (example: asking for a specific card seen on the sample pictures or for a specific character of the series), because we may not be able to accommodate you. Simply put the series you want.

Gifts cannot be exchanged for new or different ones, so please do not ask. Remember these are gifts and you are not buying them.

Larger Donations

When you decide to donate, if you choose to donate a larger amount than the gift you want, you can receive multiple gifts (same or different, depending on amount). If this sounds confusing I will try to explain it further.

For an example, if you decide to donate a total of $20, you can receive various gifts from us. You can choose from 2 Utena Illustration Poster Sheets, or 2 Megami Foldout Posters and 2 sets of 3 Regular Trading Cards, or 4 sets of 2 Prism/Metallic Etching Cards, or 3 sets of 2 Premium Postcards. or 2 sets of 2 Premium Postcards and 2 sets of 2 Escaflowne Trading Cards.

Another Example, if you decide to donate $8, you can receive 2 sets of 3 Regular Trading Cards, or 2 sets of 2 Escaflowne Trading Cards, or 1 set of 3 Regular Trading Cards and 1 set of 2 Promo or Furoku Postcards, or you can receive just 1 set of 2 Premium Postcards, or 1 Megami Foldout Poster.

I hope that all that makes sense. You can mix and match your gift to your liking, so long as the gifts are within the price range of your donation. You will receive whatever is fair for your donation, but if you donate more and only want to receive one small gift (like a set of 3 trading cards for a donation of $6), that is fine as well.

Mailing Information

We will send out gifts once a week, on either Friday or Saturday, so please be patient with us. Gifts will be sent in envelopes suitable to the size of the gift (s), and they will be sent through First Class mail (within the US). Everything is shipped in good condition, and we are not held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

For international donators receiving gifts, Airmail will be used for smaller items, but SAL may be used for heavier things like posters (packing material may make items heavy). It depends mainly on the weight and distance. We will try to use the most fair way of shipping to those outside of the US.

Gift Chart~Amounts are all in US$
~Prices in red are for donators outside of the USA.
~Series with an asterisk “*” has a VERY limited amount.

Amount Gift Type Series/Description
3 Regular Trading Cards – Various
– Dragoneball Z
– Rumiko Takahashi
– Sailormoon
* Vampire Hunter D
– X (Pioneer Promo)
– Gal’s Island (Capcom, SNK, Namco, etc. games)
– Slayers
2 Escaflowne Trading Cards (Tarot Style) – Escaflowne the Movie
2 Prism or Metallic Etching Card – Cardcaptor Sakura
* Dragonball Z
* Sailormoon
2 Promo or Furoku Postcards – Various
– Soul Taker
– Tenchi Muyo
– Gate Keepers
– Niea_7
– Trigun
– Armitage III
– Hand Maid May
2 Premium Postcards – Various Artist/Series
– Ah! My Goddess
– Angel Sanctuary
– Di Gi Charat
– You’re Under Arrest
* Cardcaptor Sakura
1 Megami Foldout Poster
Megami magazines have a variety of posters inside each issue, and these posters will vary from different anime series to PC games.  You may want to decide if you want something “cute” or “sexy”.
1 Utena Illustration Poster Sheet Each of these poster/illustrations are one sided and feature manga art.  They are made from a thick paper (thin cardboard).