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Ten Top Tips for a Happy Marriage

Wedding RingsAnybody wants to give the best wedding gift to the happy couple. A list with tips for a happy marriage is a great and useful gift, but if you think about something more significant then you can find the best wedding gift ideas here. And here is the top tips list for a happy marriage:

1. Be committed

You’re a team. Times will be good and times will be challenging and not so good. Make the time commitment to sustain and enhance your marriage. Be supportive of each other.

2. Always be friends

You may be married and have family commitments, but don’t let your conversations be solely about the family dynamics of who’s going to take the kids to their swimming lesson or who’s going to the store for groceries etc. Make times where you do things that you enjoy as a couple such as a countryside walk or watch a favourite movie. These times don’t always have to be romantic dates (though it’s good to add a ‘date’ night in the week if you can), but times where you can reconnect and take time to laugh and play together.

3. Keep a sense of humour

Don’t take yourself too seriously. If your partner gets a flat tyre when they’re the furthest from home they’ve been all week can be frustrating, but you can soften the blow with light-hearted texts once the problem is being solved. Your partner will appreciate your effort of support and be grateful that you know them well enough to know what makes them laugh. Be kind. You can make people laugh without hurting somebody else’s feelings.

4. Speak to each other lovingly and respectfully

Do not criticize, belittle, ridicule or reject your partner. Have patience. Be gentle. Be willing to listen and listen well so that you truly understand what your partner is saying. Be willing to talk and do so kindly. We are all busy people, but make time to talk without interruption. Turn off your phone.

5. Do “little” things that make a big difference

Do things for your partner without being asked. Affirm your partner and relationship daily by showing your appreciation for the help they have given to you, the efforts they have made on your behalf and the support they give to you. Surprise your partner with little gifts to show your love. Take time and effort to find your spouse a gift for their birthday or other significant dates that fit their style and personality. When you make a mistake or over-react to a situation, apologise sincerely. A light touch, a hug and a kiss are actions that speak as loud as saying “I love you” “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”.

6. Be quick to forgive and slow to anger

Ask yourself how important it is if your partner forgets to do something you’ve requested. Do you really want to start an argument over the toilet roll not being replaced again? Think about what your spouse does for you, not what they don’t. Accepting things as they are makes for happier living.

7. Be the right person

If you’ve found your Mr/Miss Right, then be the best you that you can be. Invest your energy to be mentally, physically and emotionally as well as you can be. You invested time in this when dating, don’t stop now you’re married. Don’t spend time complaining about your partner’s faults, but spend this time on finding solutions to your own issues and character flaws (we all have them).

8. Trust and be trustworthy

Protect your marriage so that your spouse feels cherished and secure. Be mindful of your relationships with the opposite sex, your spouse’s family, your reaction to alcohol etc. If you’ve had an argument, don’t make it worse by drunkenly telling your friend all the things your spouse has done to upset you.

9. Get the love you want

Share with your partner your wishes for your relationship now and in the future. Ask them how they want your relationship to be. Agree on the changes that can be made to improve your relationship and set targets to make these changes reality.

10. Healthy relationships need help sometimes

Asking for counselling support in your relationship is not a sign of failure. It is a sign of strength that you want the relationship to work. All relationships go through difficulties and it takes courage to find ways through that keep you both safe.