About Random (This is pretty random too…)

imageSo you’re wondering about Random are you? To be honest this page probably was never supposed to be. I started it thinking I wanted to share some of my scans with my online friends (since many of them, like me, design wallpapers). Since then I suppose that it has grown into something slightly different, instead of just a few online buddies, I have people I don’t know downloading too! YAY! So long as my bandwidth doesn’t go anywhere near it’s limit I don’t mind at all ^_^. If my bandwidth ever goes over, you can say bye bye to Random… or at the least expect there to only be one gallery at a time O_O.

Some might be thinking what’s the deal with these galleries though? I mean they’re here one day and gone the next. Is it a ghost or boogieman that’s trying to steal these pretty images away from me? NAY! It is I who does it. For one I have a very limited amount of space, and two I have a VERY limited amount of space. For the most part I spend my hard not-earned money paying for what I got! I don’t want to hear offers to host, or complaints on why… I sort of like it this way. This way allows me to sort of put a cap on how many people download my images (I get tired of seeing the same images over and over again sometimes o_O), and in some other way it’s sort of just fun.

I have this weird obsession with images, and I’m usually pretty picky with quality and size… I know there’s other people out there like me (especially wallpaper designers). I only hope that something beautiful can be created by the images I put up. I also enjoy spreading the appreciation of art… anime or not! Art┬áis a beautiful thing and don’t you forget it!

Oh yeah, if you’re interested in all the technicalities of the site. Everything was made in FrontPage (I suck at HTML, so what?), and the “graphics” was made using Photoshop 7.0. The current image being used is from the Kuroboshi Koukaku – Beautiful World art book and features Kino from Kino’s Travels. I love the art and maybe put up an image gallery when I get unlazy to scan that art book. Why are you still reading this? Go wander around.