Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The images do not load all the way, what do I do?
A: Checking the FAQ was a good choice. If the images don’t load all the way, this has to do with two things, a large image file and a slow connection. At least for IE you will need to go to TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > CLEAR HISTORY (or COOKIES, I get mixed up between the two, so if one doesn’t work try the other ^_^*). This will usually help, but remember it usually isn’t a problem with the file itself, so e-mailing me will not help. If you have tried and can’t fix it and see no improvement, then e-mail me if there really is a problem with the file itself.

Q: Can you put (fill in blank) gallery back up?
A: Short answer, no. I have quite a limited amount of space, so I can’t afford to put up as many galleries as you (and I) want. There will be an exception though! All is not lost! I will put up galleries every so often (maybe once a month or so, basically whenever I feel so inclined). The way this will work is that you e-mail me what you would like to see. And from the e-mails I get I will post a poll up in the forum to see who wants to see what the most. Ready? Then Suggest a Gallery!

Q: Can you put up a (fill in blank) gallery?
A: You can Suggest a Gallery, but there is no absolute guarantee that I even have any scans, or if I have enough for a semi-decent gallery. I won’t necessarily put up galleries that are suggested the most, but rather what I can offer good images for! Quality over quantity, and usability over demand!

Q: Can you send images to me through e-mail?
A: Sorry, but this is an absolute NO. I do not have the time or patience to sit and send images to just one person… uploading is different since it’ll be seen by lots of people. Sorry again, just download them like everyone else, and if you missed the gallery suggest it for a resurrected gallery (see above)

Q: Where did you get this or that image?
A: Remember, for the most part I personally scan in all my images, and these come from a variety of places. I usually try to give a brief run down of where I got the images in their respective galleries, if not from one specific source (such as an art book). Most of the images come from scans from magazines and their inserts (Newtype, Animage, Animedia, Megami, Otomex, etc)., plus some art books, pencil boards, posters, clear files, calendars… and other things I can’t think of.

Q: Why do you put up and take down your galleries?
A: Space! and not having enough and that’s problematic. I pay for almost everything through my own pocket, and it’s not that fun. Plus it’s fun to not have the images “whored out” (see it everywhere over and over and over again).

Q: Why do you have so few galleries?
A: All my other pages are my priority. Therefore the limited space that I do have will go to the other pages as I finish them. This site is really a side site that I never had any intention on opening, except for the fact of me being impulsive.

Q: Can I use your images in my wallpaper/graphics/image gallery?
A: Dude, that’s why these are up. In fact I highly encourage the use of my images in wallpapers and other graphics! As I started this page knowing the pains of finding images large enough to make wallpapers with (what am I talking about? Visit Abstract Anime and find out ^_^).

Q: Can I link you?
A: Of course! See the menu to the left… click on Link Me! Or just Click Here ^_^.

Q: Can I use your galleries on my own website?
A: If you download them yourself go for it. But I will not, I repeat WILL NOT, re-upload them for anyone! I have a slow 56K and can’t waste my time on uploading stuff for one person like that (even if it’s for a site).

Q: Do you want/need a host for your galleries?
A: While I appreciate the generous offer of webspace and bandwidth, I do not want to be hosted by any outside source. I much rather rely on my own resources than turn to others out there. One could say that I’ve learned to distrust most people that I don’t know and get extremely generous offers from.

Q: Do I give you credit when I use your images?
A: That’s up to you. I don’t mind if you don’t… if you do then that’s awful nice of you. The most proper way I find is just to put a link in your link section… lots of people put me under resources or image galleries. Only link to Random, and do not put my e-mail address (Thanks).

If you have a question that you don’t find here, e-mail me!