Gift Art

WOW! I get gift art?!?! These are a little (or large) token of appreciation from people who just want to say thanks to me (isn’t that nice of them?!?). Gift art makes me happy, so if you ever feel so inclined to send something in… XD… I’d like that very much!

Tsuki no Ryuu 
This cute gift art was given to me after Random reached 50,000 hits ^_^. I announced that it was coming soon on the forums, and after it finally did hit, Tsuki no Ryuu was soooo kind to give me this. It’s the first gift art I have ever received!! Thank you so much!!!

A very nice message from Diana, who happened to use one of my favorite images from the Chobits: Your Eyes Only gallery. Thank you for such a sweet message!


Another nice message ^_^, again using an image from the Chobits: Your Eyes Only gallery. I’ve never ever visited which seems to have referred the past two girt artists to my site… sort of funny to me.


This has taken me so very long to put up (sorry!), and I really like it too! How could I forget? Busy and it was a long time since I had updated Random >_<. Sorry Mingming! I really like this
gift art though, not only does it have simple beautiful art, but it also has a nice message. Thanks Mingming!

I think that this is a very nifty gift featuring a great looking oekaki of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. I suppose that it’s very fitting, since this is a special thanks for putting the Cowboy Bebop calendar back up ^_^. Thanks Ninamori!!

So far one… though I’m not trying XD.

from Linus at Citrus wallpapers. Thank you ^_^!.